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    Vacuum frying machin

    Vacuum fryer for banana slices

    Vacuum fryer for banana slices

    Details :

    Production process:

    Raw materials → screening → cleaning → slicing (sectioning) → sterilizing → draining → quick freezing → thawing → vacuum impregnation → cleaning → draining → vacuum frying → vacuum deoiling → seasoning → product packaging → warehousing.

    Product advantages:

    Vacuum frying, also known as low-temperature frying, refers to the food processing and dehydration under the condition of lack of oxygen in vacuum, so as to reduce the oxidation caused by the contact between oxygen and food in food processing, and avoid the oxidation reaction to produce harm to human body and bacterial erosion, such as fatty acid, enzymatic browning and harmful substances such as oxidation, carbonization and enzymatic change, so as to realize the wish of making healthy food, Avoid many disadvantages and food nutrition loss caused by high temperature frying. Fruit and vegetable chips are fresh fruits and vegetables, which retain the nutrients and trace elements in fruit trees by using double permeability and double osmosis dehydration technology.

    1. Non puffing, non frying - the production process of the product has no puffing process, and the vacuum low temperature oil bath dehydration technology is used to avoid the frying process of the product. The product is a new generation of puffed food and fried food;

    2. Easy to store at room temperature - easy to eat, open bag ready to eat, the shelf life of finished products can reach 12 months.

    3. In addition, there are other products of various specifications and tastes, namely, the color, nutrition and taste of the products do not change; No decrease, no increase - the product has no decrease except moisture; There is nothing more in the product than delicious food; High nutrition, low fat - HACCP quality control system.

    Product features:

    1. The integrated design of heating, frying, oil storage, deoiling, dehydration and oil filtration is completed continuously under vacuum. The oil content of the product is low, and the product is in a negative pressure state. Food processing under this relatively anoxic condition can reduce or even avoid the harm caused by oxidation. In the negative pressure state, with oil as the heat transfer medium, the water (free water and part of the combined water) inside the food will evaporate rapidly and eject, making the tissue form a porous structure;

    2. Automatic control of temperature and pressure (vacuum), no overheating, no overpressure, to ensure product quality and safety in production;

    3. Frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted for deoiling, which is suitable for all products with low and high oil content;

    4. The oil-water separation system can cool and separate the evaporated water and oil, reduce the pollution of water circulation, improve the reuse rate of water and reduce the loss of oil;

    5. Oil filtering system: upper and lower oil tanks, double chamber heating system, separately controlled heating, circulating filtering oil during frying, so as to keep the oil clean all the time and reduce the waste of oil;

    6. The machine is made of stainless steel, with high efficiency, stable performance, easy installation and use;

    7. Reduce the deterioration degree of oil: the deterioration of frying oil includes oxidation, polymerization and thermal decomposition, and the hydrolysis is mainly produced when water or steam contacts with oil. In the process of vacuum frying, the oil is in a negative pressure state, and the gas dissolved in the oil escapes rapidly, resulting in low steam pressure and low frying temperature. As a result, the deterioration degree of oil is greatly reduced.

    Scope of application:

    1. Pasta: Mahua, Guoba, Mishi, mishandao, Youtiao, maton, gluten, jiangmi Tiao, ShaQima, Sanzi, etc;

    2. Meat: grilled chicken (coloring), salted duck (coloring), braised meat, meatballs, beef jerky, pork, chicken legs, pig feet;

    3. Nuts: peanuts, green beans, broad beans, sunflower seeds;

    4. Bean products: dried bean, bean bubble, fish tofu, bean ginseng;

    5. Seafood: all kinds of fish, shrimps, scallops, Sea red, baby squid, squid ring, baby squid;

    6. Other categories: vegetable cake, tianfuluo, eggplant box, lotus root, hanging paste, all kinds of fried puffed food.

    working principle:

    Fresh fruits and vegetables are used as the main raw materials, edible vegetable oil is used as the thermal medium, and VF vacuum fryer technology is adopted. It can quickly dehydrate and dry in a very short time to obtain fruits and vegetables with low water content. It has low oil content, crisp but not greasy. It preserves the original shape, color, fragrance and taste of fruits and vegetables, and is rich in vitamins, minerals and vitamins Fiber and other nutrients, with low sugar, low salt, low fat, low heat and other characteristics.


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