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    Working flow and working principle of fryer

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    Generally speaking, fried food has the characteristics of long storage time, rich flavor, golden color and beautiful appearance, and the processing technology of fried food is simple, so fried food has always been a popular food type in China. Fryer equipment is used to fry food. What's the way to fry food?

    1. Crispy fried. The raw material with skin, usually the whole chicken, duck and the like, is first slightly scalded with boiling water to make the skin shrink and tighten. Put malt sugar on the surface, blow it dry, put it into the hot oil pot of Wanghuo, turn it continuously, and pour the hot oil into the abdomen. When the whole body is deep fried to light yellow, put the oil pot on the top, let the raw materials soak in the oil, fry it thoroughly, and then put it on. When the oil temperature rises, take it out.

    2. Dry fried. After the raw materials are pickled with seasoning, remove the moisture, mix dry dough, and fry. It can make the material crisp and yellow.

    3. Soft fried. After hanging paste with small pieces, thin slices, rectangular strips and other raw materials, heat 60% of the oil in the pot and bring to a boil. Deep fry until the appearance is hard. Take out the pills when they are mature.

    4. Clear fried. Mix the raw materials with soy sauce, salt and wine, and deep fry them with high heat. Generally do not hang paste, fried crisp inside.

    5. Crispy fried. Steam and boil the raw materials, hang the egg white and dough paste on the outside, and then deep fry until the outer layer is dark yellow and crisp. Crispy fried is characterized by crispness inside and crispness outside.

    6. Fried in paper. The paper package frying is mostly made of fresh, tender and boneless raw materials, which are processed into flake or T-shape. After mixing with egg white, adding ingredients and seasonings, it is wrapped with glutinous rice paper or cellophane and fried in oil. The characteristic of this frying method is that it can keep the original juice and make the raw materials especially fresh and tender.


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